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The 2022 iRaiser Awards

In Honour of Our Amazing Clients

We are excited to announce that as part of our 10-year Anniversary celebration, and for the first time in our company’s history, we launched The iRaiser Awards! 🎉🏆

The winners 🎉

Congratulations to all the winners of the iRaiser Awards 2022!

We want to acknowledge and honour all your great achievements and the causes you fight for!


The winners for "Most Impactful Campaign of 2022"

From left to right the winners in France, Italy, Benelux, Nordics and UK

Let's not forget the top finalists for the category "Most Impactful Campaign of 2022"


· Consortium 12-12
· DoucheFLUX

France, Switzerland & Monaco

· Philharmonie de Paris
· Fondation Saint-Pierre


· Agenzia Scalabriniana per la Cooperazione allo Sviluppo
· LILT Milano Monza Brianza


· Aktiv mot kreft
· Hjärtebarnsfonden

United Kingdom & Ireland

· Humanity & Inclusion UK
· Oxfam Ireland

Our winners' stories

"Ukraine Emergency Response
The need to respond quickly and efficiently to major crises exists for fundraisers who are tasked with raising the money to support vital work. The team at UK for UNHCR exemplify these principles, with the delivery of rapid response campaigns that are clear and impactful."
Naisten Linja
Naisten Linja
"In August 2022, Naisten Linja Suomessa ry started a campaign to raise funds for a second helpline, for women and girls who have faced domestic violence or the threat of violence in a relationship. The original helpline has been overwhelmed by callers…
iRaiser was a vital asset in the campaign’s success. Easily accessible donation forms and variety of payment methods made donating easy for people who wanted to support Naisten Linja"
Karama Solidarity
Karama Solidarity
"During the month of Ramadan, our target audience is more inclined to make donations.
To mark this special time of the year, we launch a major campaign to fight malnutrition. This campaign usually lasts for one and a half months. With this food program, many needy people around the world, who suffer from food insecurity and hunger, are given the opportunity to benefit from a balanced food package."
Fondation de France
"To improve the lives of the most vulnerable, the Fondation de France has decided to use crowdfunding as a solution to encourage game-changing initiatives in our region. To improve the lives of the most vulnerable, the Fondation de France has decided to use crowdfunding as a solution to encourage game-changing initiatives in our region.
In order for these ambitious projects to become reality and be deployed, it needs to raise €10,000 for each one."
Paideia Foundation
"We launched our fundraising campaign as soon as we knew that our mission was going to head to the border, allowing the campaign to be spread across the various channels, the project to be diffused widely, and the progress of the campaign to be known in real time."


The winners for "Digital Innovation"

From left to right the winners in UK, Benelux, France, Italy and Nordics

Let's not forget the top finalists for the category "Digital Innovation"


· DoucheFLUX
· Karama Solidarity

France, Switzerland & Monaco

· Petits frères des Pauvres
· Rose Up Association


· Save the Dogs and Other Animals
· Università degli Studi di Padova


· Barnekreftforeningen
· Världsnaturfonden WWF

United Kingdom & Ireland

· Sue Ryder
· Threshold

Our winners' stories

Diabetes UK
Diabetes UK
"Following a principle of continual improvement, Diabetes UK have committed to principles of testing and innovating in their donation environment, ensuring supporters are served an ever evolving form that uses real learnings to deliver an excellent experience.”
Svenska Freds
Svenska Freds
"At Svenska Freds we implemented the payment platform in July 2021 which showed an increase in donation between 10-50% depending on monthly trends. We mainly used the payment platform to recruit new members and recurring donors but also used the platform for gift cards and e-commerce.."
Oxfam Belgium
Oxfam Belgium
"By switching to the iRaiser Peer to Peer platform, we have improved 3 systems of our old, custom-made platform...
The website is now responsive and therefore much more adapted to mobile traffic (82% of our traffic).
The results are impressive because after only 3 weeks, the platform has registered more than 70 teams (and more than 170 walkers)."
Petits frères des Pauvres
Petits frères des Pauvres

"Always willing to try new features and designs, they were the first to implement Apple and Google Pay, but also to use A/B testing.
Petits frères des Pauvres showed us their enthusiasm for testing new ways to use iRaiser solutions."

SOS Mediterranée Italy
"In 2021, SOS MEDITERRANEE Italy was able to hire a full-time fundraiser, a first for our charity. Thus, for the first time, we were able to perfect the use of iRaiser, taking advantage of some features we had not previously benefited from, which at the same time improved the user experience."


The winners for "Rookie of the Year"

From left to right the winners in Italy, Benelux, France, Nordics and UK

Let's not forget the top finalists for the category "Rookie of the year"


· Karama Solidarity
· Foret Nature

France, Switzerland & Monaco

· Make a Wish
· Make Foundation


· Naisten Linja Suomessa ry
· The Icelandic Cancer Council

United Kingdom & Ireland

· Amna
· Common Goal


The winners for "Hall of Fame"

From left to right the winners in France, Italy, Benelux, Nordics and UK

The panel of judges



Hugues d'Ydewalle
Senior Fundraiser


Tom Moons
Head of Global Brand
SOS Children's Villages Belgium


Gilles Van Doosselaere
Country Manager for Benelux

France, Switzerland & Monaco


Yaële Aferiat
Association Française des Fundraisers (AFF)


Mehdi Bellouti
Directeur de zone France, Benelux et Suisse


Christina Diego
Rédactrice en chef



Letizia Bucalo Vita
Consigliere e Delegata Eventi
ASSIF Associazione Italiana Fundraiser


Maria Teresa Minotti
PayPal Italia


Mara Moioli
Co-founder e COO
Italia non profit



Loui Ohlendorff
Nordics Regional Manager


Tessa Robertsson
Head of Visual Design
VaLa Ry (Finnish Fundraising Association)


Eva Torsson
Head of Training and Events
Giva Sverige

United Kingdom & Ireland


Fabrice Baket-Livingstone
Digital marketing and fundraising product manager


Eoghan Beecher
Country Manager for UK & Ireland


Osh Rice
Managing Director
Day Dot

The Rules

Who participated & how did we determine the winners?

The awards were per region and reserved to iRaiser clients only.

A very special panel of judges, composed of industry experts as well as some of our team members, evaluated all submissions carefully.

From there, they identified the most promising candidates and choose the winners and finalists for each category.

If you have any questions or doubts, feel free to contact us at